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Ground Mount Installation

What Are Solar Panels Installed on the Ground? Ground-mounted solar panels are a cost-effective solar solution for a wide yard or field. The panels are similar to pole-mounted solar panels, but they are positioned directly on the ground rather than on poles.

Perfect For Sunny Spaces

For those with extensive property to utilize or for preference sake, we also offer Ground Mount installation. Although their construction and placement is a bit pricier, there are definitely times when Ground Mounts are the way to go. As with the roof, the panels will need to be placed in an optimal area, with as much unobstructed sunshine as they can get. The only con to rooftop panels is that the size of the homeowner’s roof space facing south or west, determines the final amount of solar possible for the most part. Ground Mounts are perfect if you have a sublimely sunny space that is screaming for some Sol Power.

Are Ground Mounts Better?

Roof-mount and ground-mount solar panels will produce the same amount of power assuming the same sunshine conditions and total wattage. A ground solar panel installation, on the other hand, can be constructed with an orientation and tilt angle that maximizes the amount of sunlight captured, making the system productive. Your roof slope, on the other hand, limits the tilt and orientation of a rooftop solar array. 

A tracking device, which maintains the PV panels aligned toward the sun all day, can boost the energy production of a ground-mounted solar panel system. You may boost your electricity output and save money on your electric bill without adding more panels this way. Because tracking devices are not built for normal roof constructions, solar tracking is not a possibility for most rooftop installations.  

How Ground-Mounted Solar Panels Work

Racking System

The racking system in a rooftop solar installation is built to fit an existing building. When employing ground-mounted solar panels, however, the support must be built as well. The height of this building might range from a few inches to many feet above the ground.

PV Systems

Both types of PV systems have the same electrical connections and protection mechanisms. The key difference is that ground-mounted systems require more wire since they must be placed far enough away from your house to avoid any shadows.

Rooftops & Farms

60-cell solar panels are commonly utilized in residences, much as they are in rooftop installations, while 72-cell panels are used in solar farms.