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California’s new Solar Mandate has changed the game and made solar accessible to the largest amount of homeowners possible. There are such a numerous amount of incentives, rebates, tax credits, and purchase options available right now, it would behoove any homeowner to take advantage of the surplus. And well should there be, as technology allows, we should all be striving toward clean and efficient methods of producing energy. 

We here at Sol Power, as are many solar companies, band together with others to contribute to this end. We work proudly together with Harness Roofing, who offers each homeowner a tailored answer to their roofing needs in preparation for paneling. From determining how many panels to install to providing a brand new roof; often at no further cost to the homeowner. We also partner with SunRun, the largest residential solar company in the country. 

We go the extra mile to take care of you from your Initial Survey and panel placement decisions to “This is so great! Why did we wait so long?!” as you enjoy your savings and helping the planet!