Solar for Your Business

Saving Money & Saving Our Planet


Solar Panel Technology


Power Output Range

Energy Storage

Battery Options Available

Lower Overhead

Cost for businesses

Commercial solar energy has a lot of advantages for business owners. Renewable energy is an investment that will pay off in the long run by lowering operating expenses. Reducing your company's carbon footprint can have a significant local and worldwide impact. For doing the right thing, you will acquire favor with your client.

A Greener Business Tomorrow

Commercial Solar Energy

We use solar technology as our primary solution at Sol Power, but we are also skilled at incorporating co-generation, small or large-scale battery storage, and energy efficiency improvements into our projects. Request a quote today to learn more about your specific requirements.

Our Quality Control System is Industry leading

Sol Power has created processes to ensure that the bidding process is of high quality and accuracy. It will take a few days longer for your proposal to be created than some of your competitors', but it will be well worth the wait. This is due to our multi-tiered quality control system, which requires us to conduct due diligence and give the best scenario for your demand profile. 

Commercial Solar Benefits

Lower Operating Costs

Utilize the sun's energy to generate renewable energy. More money in your wallet, less energy from the grid

Increased Property Value

Installing a solar system is a sure-fire strategy to boost home value in the decades to come, with solar "not going out of vogue" anytime soon.

People Like Green Businesses

Reduce carbon emissions from traditional fossil fuels, which build up as greenhouse gases, and invest in the future.

We provide all types of specialized financing.


Sol Power offers access to a wide range of financing options. We will often find a method to fund projects that others cannot, whether through commercial loans, PPAs, and capital leases, property-assessed financing, or even grants for special scenarios. Start your journey with us by selecting Get Qualified Today to explore what we can achieve.

All levels of government are providing incentives to assist in the transition to a sustainable energy future. The best aspect is that these programs are available to almost all businesses. Sol Power also has a dedicated staff of tax consultants to ensure you get the most out of your resources.