Welcome to Sol Power! We are a group of Renewable Energy experts who focus on making the transition to Solar Energy an easy and enjoyable experience.

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One of the awesome things about being part of the Sol Power ‘tribe’ is that you’re seriously never going to be left in the solar dust, so to speak. When you’re part of the PPA, you are guaranteed that in the rare case of any issues with your system arise, Sol Power and our Partners have your back.

Sun Run

The number one residential solar company in the country, SunRun does $3 billion in installed solar systems across 22 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, and are revolutionizing how consumers generate and store electricity using rechargeable home solar and batteries.

Founded to make solar affordable to American families, SunRun is committed to the societal challenge of creating a sustainable planet and we are more than proud to partner with them.

Harness Roofing

Harness Power is a Renewable Energy Company whose focus is in alignment with us here at Sol Power. Facilitating a seamless transition to solar by providing a simple and positive experience for each homeowner. If there are issues with your roof that need to be addressed, they will be, usually at no cost. They are professionals with the experience and longstanding relationships it takes to ensure everything is done spot on and that your solar system will become part of your family's future by participating in taking care of our planet.


Welcome to Sol Power! We are a group of Renewable Energy experts who focus on making the transition to Solar Energy an easy and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to band together and become partners; both with like minded solar professionals, some of whom are the best in this field, and with each homeowner, as we all strive toward clean and efficient methods of producing energy. We resemble a tribe in that we build relationships with our partners, we’re around for the long term. We work diligently to bring affordable, sustainable and renewable energy to as many partners as we can, while endeavoring to maintain a consistently positive experience for everyone involved. In fact, the majority of our work is done through referrals, and this is only possible because our homeowner partners are truly happy with the unmatched service, savings and relationships that we build. We go all in.

- Sol Power!

- Ken Bedker, Founder

How To Get Started

Start With The Survey

Quite literally, beginning your Sol Power journey is as easy as picking up your phone and giving us a call. The first step will be for us to schedule a SURVEY. After we’ve reviewed your utility bill for the previous twelve months of usage, we are able to sit down and establish exactly how much solar power your household is going to use each year. This enables us to determine how many solar panels will be needed to meet your unique usage needs. We also check out your home’s roof and Meter/Breaker Box, and from there, begin your design!


Next, we design your panel placements; we partner together to figure out where the panels are placed for optimal solar energy production and an appealing aesthetic. Obviously, the most important factor is that the panels are receiving as much energy from the sun as possible. However, we also know that no homeowner wants their castle to look like an eyesore! So a sleek & sexy design that maintains curb appeal with maximal sun exposure is a win-win!


After your survey and determining your panel design, we submit everything to the county for a permit, receive approval, and move on to installation! Once your new solar panels are installed and deemed ready, you will receive permission to operate (PTO) and voila! You’ve gone solar! We serve Johnson Valley CA, Apple Valley CA, Phelan CA, Oak Hills CA, Lucerne Valley CA, Oro Grande CA, and Bell Mountain CA.