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We love California for her year-round sunny weather, and what’s not to love? Well, maybe the high utility bills that come with cooling off our homes. With the possibility of zero up front cost, along with all of the Solar Incentives, Tax Credits and Rebates available, and the fact that new homes are now required to have solar, going solar now makes sense for the environment and your wallet! Sol Power is proud to help you make the transition to Solar with outstanding customer service, and the best solar panel options that meet each homeowner’s specific needs. We help with everything from choosing the proper panels for your home, installation, roofing issues, to financing, maintenance, and battery storage. Let us help you make the transition to Sol Power.

A Greener Tomorrow

Traditional power plants typically generate the electricity that goes through your home by combusting oil, coal, or other gas. This kind of energy production releases a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which is bad for the environment. Solar power, on the other hand, is generated by collecting photons from the sun and converting them into raw electricity. This translates to zero greenhouse gas emissions, a smaller carbon footprint at home and at work, and a safer future.

Home Solar Energy For Less

Benefits of adding a solar storage battery to your system include: 

Extra Monthly Bill Savings 
Cheaper EV Charging 
Energy Independence 
Power Outage Protection 

To learn more about what an energy storage system can accomplish for your home, click the icon below. 

Residential Solar Benefits

Utility Bills That Are Lower 

Utilize the sun's energy to generate renewable energy. You'll have more money in your wallet if you use less electricity from the grid.

Property Value Increase 

Installing a solar system is a sure-fire strategy to boost home value in the decades to come, with solar not going out of style anytime soon.

Reduce your carbon footprint 

Reduce carbon emissions from traditional fossil fuels, which build up as greenhouse gases, and invest in tomorrow's future.