Solar Panels Yucca Valley


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Solar Panels Work?

After you install your solar panels they will start to consume the sun’s natural energy. From there they convert that energy to direct current (DC). That energy is then sent to an inverter( for conversion). That inverter once again converts the power over to an alternating current(AC). Most homes run on this alternating current so now you clean renewable energy right to the outlets of your house.

What are the benefits of solar power?

There are too many to count but the most notable is how good solar is to the environment. It is pollution free and emits no greenhouse gases. Another great benefit to solar is energy independence. Installing solar keeps you from the heavy annual  increases in utility bill hikes from energy companies, and puts a cap on your energy bill to just 2.9% yearly. The last benefit to mention is return on investment (ROI). Homeowners should expect to see a 20% ROI before 8 years.

What Happens When It's Overcast Or Clouds Are Present?

Even if you live in a wet, cloudy environment your solar panel will produce energy. There will be a slight decrease during these times, but the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages.

What is the California Renewable Energy Act?

The California Renewable Energy Act (CREA) or the 2045 100% Clean Energy Goal, has been mandated due to the fact that so much of our current energy has been being purchased from out of state. How does this affect the energy consumer? The cost of this is passed on to you! Up to 40% of our current energy bills (non-solar) is for delivery charges of that power. Say, for example, they are purchasing from Colorado. The energy then must go through other transformers & stations to get to you. Or if the power is coal produced, they must pay for the shoveling and burning of that coal to sustain the production plant. With this newest mandate, 50% of all California energy must be produced by renewable energy by 2026. 

Currently, non-solar energy consumers are paying within a Tier System. For example, the more energy you use, the more expensive it gets; and the hours in which you use your energy also affects the rates you are billed. With Sol Power’s PPA Program, most homeowners will instantly be paying below their lowest Tier! 


 With the PPA, you become part of our Sol Power tribe. The homeowner, Sol Power and our Partners all have two very vital things in common. We all want to take the best care of our planet as we are capable of by utilizing clean, renewable energy, and we all want the panels for your home that supplies this energy to do so efficiently and successfully for decades to come. You don't have to worry about the system malfunctioning and five years down the road having a problem, we will be there 25 years down the line. No cost. Your system is guaranteed to be fully operational and produce the power that we say it's going to produce for 25 years, and if it does not, then you’re the one who gets a check.

Solar Panels Yucca Valley