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If you’re one of the countless home owners who are eager to go solar yet it all seems a bit intimidating or costly, we’re here to ensure it is neither. With California’s firm resolution to have 50% of all energy produced be from clean, renewable energy by 2026, there are so many incentives available that getting started is as easy as one, two, three!


Quite literally, beginning your Sol Power journey is as easy as picking up your phone and giving us a call. The first step will be for us to schedule a SURVEY. After we’ve reviewed your utility bill for the previous twelve months of usage, we are able to sit down and establish exactly how much solar power your household is going to use each year. This enables us to determine how many solar panels will be needed to meet your unique usage needs. We also check out your home’s roof and Meter/Breaker Box, and from there, begin your design!


Next, we design your panel placements; we partner together to figure out where the panels are placed for optimal solar energy production and an appealing aesthetic. Obviously, the most important factor is that the panels are receiving as much energy from the sun as possible. However, we also know that no homeowner wants their castle to look like an eyesore! So a sleek & sexy design that maintains curb appeal with maximal sun exposure is a win-win!


After your survey and determining your panel design, we submit everything to the county for a permit, receive approval, and move on to installation! Once your new solar panels are installed and deemed ready, you will receive permission to operate (PTO) and voila! You’ve gone solar!

We serve Johnson Valley CA, Apple Valley CA, Phelan CA, Oak Hills CA, Lucerne Valley CA, Oro Grande CA, and Bell Mountain CA.


About 30 days after you’ve gone solar, you will begin receiving usage statements. You will no longer get a monthly bill from Edison (or your local energy company), but rather have a “True Up” at the end of each year.  Each month, you will receive a statement which will show either a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE number. If the number is positive, you have used more power than your panels have produced and will need to take care of that at the end of the year. This is why during our survey and design phases the goal is to leave you with an energy cushion. If the number is negative, then the energy company owes you money at the end of the year!

The RESULT? You will be saving a ridiculous amount of money while also locking in your usage costs. As utility companies are famous for charging expensive rates during high usage hours (Tiers), and raising these rates exponentially each year, with Sol Power, your rates are locked in and cannot be legally increased by more than 2.9% .... this is an incredible safety net and allows for spot on budgeting!


What exactly is a Survey, and what does it entail?
The first thing that needs to be done is to gather information. We review your previous year’s utility bill to determine how much energy your household uses. We also examine your home’s roofing and make sure it is panel-ready, and check that your home is on a Smart Meter and/or that your breaker box is appropriate or if it needs an upgrade. Don’t worry! If your roof needs some TLC, or your box needs a facelift, Sol Power and our Harness partners can take care of that at little or zero cost as well!