Help with Solar Power Installation Apple Valley CA


Residential Solar Energy

When we look at Apple Valley homes to determine whether or not it’s a good fit for solar installation, we're looking at three main focus points. First of these points is how much space is available. Secondly, we are looking at how much direct access you have to the sun. Thirdly, we're going to look at how pricey your electric bill is and lastly your credit score.

Placement Of The Solar Panels

With our Apple Valley Solar Installation, we only recommend installing a system if you have direct access to the sun 70 percent a day or more. What could prevent this is if you have shading issues or if you have a roof orientation for the panels that is not ideal for placement. The maximum production will come from when your solar panels are facing due south with no shade. If the panels have to face due west to east you will lose about 15 percent of the production and if you have shading throughout 30 percent a day can also cause issues. But don’t worry! We also offer Ground Mounts, which work wonders if that is how you need to go!

Room On Your Roof

You need a minimum of 200 square feet of roof space for minimum system size of 2 kilowatts or 8 solar panels. A system size smaller than this and you may have trouble getting permits from their local permitting board and you may find the system is not cost effective.

Ground Mounts

If the roof on your home is not an ideal candidate for Solar Panels, you can still have Sol Power!
Ground Mounts are an available option if you have some sunny space on your property to place them, so give us a call and let's save you some money!

How Big Is Your Electric Bill?

Here in Apple Valley, CA, the typical electric utility company charges you for power using a tiered rate structure. So the more electricity you use every month, the higher the rate you pay per kilowatt hour. What we found working in California is that you need an electric bill of at least $80 a month to actually see any savings from going solar. So if you're below $80 a month typically you'll pay more for power than you would by using your electric utility company. If you are above $80 a month, that's when you’ll start to see savings.

If you can check off the four focus points we laid out above, then we can connect you with the best available solar in your area. Number one is you will need 200 square feet available rooftop space. Number two is you need direct access to the site at least 70% t today. The third focus point is your electrical bill is under $80 a month and finally  only FICA credit score above 600. Filling out the contact form on this web site will allow us to put you in touch with the most experienced consultants to get you the best possible solar system for your home.
Help with Solar Power Installation Apple Valley CA