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There are a myriad of reasons you should choose solar. From making your home cost efficient to just doing good for the environment, you can't go wrong with solar. Solar is investing in your home without having to spend beyond the price of setting solar up. It can reduce your electric bills extremely low or to absolute zero. Another amazing benefit to solar is the return on investment or ROI you get over time. Solar panels aren't that expensive; most homes see a 20% return on investment in less than eight years. That’s more than the stock market! 

Energy Independence 

The next factor to consider in your decision to install solar, would be rising energy costs. Energy costs increase by a huge percentage annually, that's a lot of money over a 20 year period. You can eliminate those increases, by being energy independent. 

Your Property Value

Solar not only makes your house energy efficient and environment friendly, it actually increases your property value. It's a fact, more home buyers are looking for houses that are already equipped with solar panels. 

The Environment

If you care about the environment, you can't go wrong with solar panels. Lowering your carbon footprint helps the world, not just your local community and state. We all live under the same roof, help reduce the world’s carbon gases and install solar today. Go green!

Can Sell My Excess Power Back To The Power Companies?

This is a true statement. You can actually sell your excess power back to the power companies. There are so many benefits to this, you can’t imagine. With solar, your energy bill can get as low as zero cost. In some cases, you can even have excess energy. This excess power you can now sell back to the power companies at a cost. Selling your excess energy will bring more money to your household. This is an excellent way to pay your home off quickly and move money you were using for your mortgage to vacations or college tuition for your children.

Virtually No Maintenance

Most homeowners who install solar panels will not have to maintain them. The statistics for this data have been proven through homeowners tests over a 30 year period. Imagine not having to maintain your solar panels for 30 years, pretty amazing!

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For more information go to our solar 101
Solar Systems Apple Valley CA